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Barcelona Metro 2016

barcelona metro station opening times
Barcelona metro timetable

From monday to thursday the subway runs from 5am until 0. Every Saturday it runs all day long. Sundays and feast days from 5am until 0 ; Fridays and eve of feast day 5am - 2am.
barcelona metro tickets where to buy
Single metro ticket
Barcelona T10 subway ticket
Barcelona day ticket
50 rids ticket
02.15 €
09.95 €
07.60 €
42.50 €
METRO BARCELONA - every Barcelona metro stations
Every Barcelona subway stations

The Barcelona underground trafic only includes the lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, and 11.
The others lines, 6, 7, and 8, are Generalitat Ferocaril transports.
barcelona metro station map
Barcelona metro map

For Iphone, Ipad, computers, and other tablets, The metro map of Barcelona adapts itself to every type of support to be with you in all your travels in Barcelona.
metro of Barcelona - network of the subway of Barcelona
présentation du métro de Barcelone
transports of Barcelona - metro

Metro of Barcelona

Composed of colours and numbers, the whole of the lines from 1 to 5, and 9 to 11 which constitute the Barcelona metro network system, and stretch hundreds of kilometers , are handled by TMB company (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona).
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line 1 of Barcelona underground metro system
Barcelona Metro - Line 1
Hospitalet de Bellvitge - Fondo
30 stations - 15 subway transfer station
line 2 of Barcelona underground metro system
Barcelona Metro - Line 2
Paral lel - Badalona Pompeu Fabra
18 stations - 8 subway transfer station
line 3 of Barcelona underground metro system
Barcelona Metro - Line 3
Zona Universitària - Trinitat Nova
26 stations - 16 subway transfer station
line 4 of Barcelona underground metro system
Barcelona Metro - Line 4
Trinitat Nova - La Pau
22 stations - 8 subway transfer station
line 5 of Barcelona underground metro system
Barcelona Metro - Line 5
Cornella Centre - Vall d'Hebron
25 stations - 13 subway transfer station
line 9 of Barcelona underground metro system
Barcelona Metro - Line 9
La Sagrera - Can Zam
Zona Universitaria - Aeroport T1
line 10 of Barcelona underground metro system
Barcelona Metro - Line 10
La Sagrera - Gorg
6 stations - 6 subway transfer station
line 11 of Barcelona underground metro system
Barcelona Metro - Line 11
Trinitat Nova - Can Cuiàs
5 stations - 2 subway transfer station
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
transports in Barcelona - Ferrocarril

FGC network - Ferrocarrils

Lines from 6 to 8 belong to FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) and cross Barcelona.
From Plaça Espanya station (L8), and Catalunya (L6 and L7), this lines are in connection with the lines 1, 3, 5 and 9 of the metro of Barcelona.
Barcelona underground line 6
Barcelona Metro - Line 6
Plaça Catalunya - Reina Elizenda
9 stations - 7 subway transfer station
Barcelona underground metro line 7
Barcelona Metro - Line 7
Plaça Catalunya - Avinguda Tibidabo
7 stations - 7 subway transfer station
Barcelonametro system line 8
Barcelona Metro - Line 8
Plaça Espanya - Moli Nou-Ciutat Coop
11 stations - 4 subway transfer station
actualité dans le métro de Barcelone
Barcelona topic
The link with the airport of Barcelona is taking shape ; the section of the line 9 (South) which allow to go from the airport to Barcelona city by metro travels since february 12 2016. The ticket price to go to the Barcelona Prat airport by metro is 4.50 €.
The ATM announced that the Barcelona public transport network fares will be stable and will not increase for the year 2016.
Barcelona Metro Network
To make the most of your next holiday in Barcelona and to go through its major places and monuments, plan your travel from one inescapable to another with the metro network of Barcelona.
The metro of Barcelona is the simplest, and the fastest means of transport to visit the city of Barcelona.
with metrodebarcelone, simplify your displacements.
barcelona best beaches
barcelona best places and parks


With more than 2000 years of history distribuated in 101 km2 of avenues, allays, places, and parks, the capital of Catalonia contain treasures of exceptional architectures, Middle age, the renassance, and modernism, who can't be unnoticed between the beach and the mountains of Barcelona.
Few monuments of Barcelona, such as the Casa Mila, the park Guell, or the Casa Batllo, are classified world heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO.


Its geographical situation, its climate, Its beaches, and the number of monuments places and museums to visit, rank the city of Barcelona as a key destination of the tourism in Europe. Barcelona, the Capital of Catalonia, which keeps large number of traces of artists and masters of the architecture such as Gaudi, Picasso and Dali, can be visited from a station to an other one of the subway of Barcelona. .

Barcelona tourist guide
metro plaça Catalunya
Barcelona best places
The Barcelona vell port, subway Drassanes
The zoological park of Barcelona
The Rambla catalunya
The aquarium of Barcelona
La rambla catalunya
Barcelona cultural places

Barcelona underground - pictures of Barcelona
Pictures of Barcelona
Barcelona tourist guide by photos among places, monuments and Barcelona major attractions.

how to get to barcelona airport by metro
Barcelona airport arrivals
Your plane just arrived at one of the Barcelona airport terminals ; You are in the Prat de Llobregat, only 15 kilometres from the Barcelona city centre.
Find out how to get to barcelona from the airport via the different modes of transport of Barcelona that will bring you closer to the most important monuments, and plan your holidays.

Barcelona cruise port
Barcelona port of call
You're welcome in the cruise port of Barcelona, and whatever your call in the capital of Catalonia takes, find out how make the most of your visit of Barcelona locating in first your access point to the city as well as the monuments of Barcelona, and their metro station, the nearest of your anchor point at port of Barcelona.
Barcelona Montjuic metro
best amusement park in spain

More informations about the metro of Barcelona

Questions Forum

Who, what, where, how, why ; the forum answers to a number of frequently asked may be able to help you to better prepare your visit of Barcelona with the metro, wherever you go.
- What is the price of one ticket metro for children ?
- The metro T10 card can be used by many person ?
- How to go to the aquarim of Barcelona by subway ?
- How old children have to pay the metro of Barcelona ?
- Where is the FC Barcelona stadium metro station ?
- Can I use my card of subway with the streetcar ?

quelques détails sur le reseau du metro de Barcelone
barcelona underground map
Barcelona metro map

In every metro stations you can ask for a Barcelona underground map detailed. in our plan, we suggest you to localize easily , on which lines and stations are situated places and inescapable monuments of Barcelona.
Barcelona metro lines colors
Barcelona metro lines colors

Red, blue, yellow, green, mauve, purple, or orange, the Barcelona underground network is constituted that of a big mixture of colors . When you know to which color belongs your déstination , it is easier to organize you by following this one .
Temperature in the subway of Barcelona
Warm or cold

Thanks to the air conditioning system with which are equippedthe Barcelona subway lines, the internal temperature adapts itself according to seasonal variations ; warmly the winter, and cold the summer. These differences of temperatures make more pleasant your visit of Barcelona by subway. o.
Barcelona underground metro ticket price
Several options to pay your ticket

To face the various options of payments to obtain your Barcelona metro ticket , the distributors you can find in the various stations of the metro of Barcelona propose you several payment conditions ; you have the possibility to buy your Barcelona transport tickets by card , cash.
Barcelona metro services for reduced mobility people
Metro of Barcelona for everybody

Elevators and access ramps on the quay help the access to the subway of Barcelona for the people
with reduced mobility .Almost all of the Barcelona metro stations are equipped with installations allowing everybody to enjoy it .


In perpetual evolution since the opening of its first line in 1924, the metro of Barcelona does not stop getting bigger on both sides of Barcelona and its suburb.

On more than hundred kilometers in length, the system serves more than 153 stations on a total of 11 lines , the Barcelona underground rail network is opened 7 days a week. .

lines from 1 to 5, and 9 to 11 are exploited by the TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) ; Other lines from 6 to 8 belong to the FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya).

With a subway ticket such as T10, you can only pass from one to another (metro - ferrocarril) but also enjoy one of the other public transportation of Barcelona (Streetcar, bus) by using that a single ticket during 90 minutes.

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Every Barcelona subway stations are different, depending what you'll find there. offers you to have an idea about what you could discover, where you 'll down. With simplify your displacements in Barcelona with the metro, by locating the subway station where that is.
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