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Tlaxcal - Barcelona Mexican restaurant
TLAXCAL Restaurant
Calle Comerç, 27,08003 Barcelona - Spain
Tlaxcal restaurant Barcelona
Authentic Mexican food
Just a few steps away from the parc de la Ciutadella, In the Mexican Tlaxcal restaurant, the authentic mexican recipes are served in large slate plates.

Fajitas, quesadillas, tacos and chili con carne, discover the best culinary traditions of the country in one of the best mexican restaurants of Barcelona.
Tlaxcal opens : 1pm - 4pm , 8pm - 0pm the week // 1pm until midnight the week end - 93 268 41 34 - - Metro Jaume 1
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Barcelona Tlaxcal restaurant
Mexican restaurant Tlaxcal Barcelona

In the search of an excellent place to eat Mexican food in Barcelona ; urges to eat fajitas, quesadillas, tacos or chili con carne, the Tlaxcal is one of our suggestions among the best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, where we wish you to find satisfaction and have a good lunch.
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Mexican restaurant Tlaxcal Barcelona
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