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Montjuic Barcelona - district of Montjuic

Down from its 184 metres in heights, situated in the western South of Barcelona, the hill of Montjuic offers impregnable amazing panoramic sight on the port, as well as the old town ( Ciutat Vella).
view on Sants down from Montjuic
photo of Barcelona Montjuic park
Cable railway seen from the park of Montjuic of Barcelona

From the Joan Miro Fondation to the National Palace, from the  1992 olympic games complex  to the castle of Montjuic, from the  Poble Espanyol to the Palau Sant Jordi, Without forgetting the famous magic fountains and the old bullrings of Espanya Place, the district of Montjuic contains a large part of the patrimony of Barcelona.

Funicular, cable railway, bus, or why not on foot, the ways to go off to explore of Montjuic do not miss.

Barcelona Montjuic - Barcelona Olympic City
Park of Barcelona - The park of Monjuic
Olympic city of Montjuic

The installations of the complex of Montjuic were built or reorganized for the Barcelona Olympic games occasion (1992).
Montjuic included 1/4 of the Barcelona organizations for the event : the Olympic stadium, the Palau Sant Jordi, the swimming pools, and the national physical education institution.

The national palace

The National Palace of Barcelona is one of the treasures of the city built on the 1929 World Fair occasion.
In 1934, the monument was converted in museum of art of Catalonia.

National palace of Barcelona
Barcelona Montjuic castel
The castle of Montjuic

Based in only 30 days, in 1640, what became the castle of Barcelona was formerly a military fortress.
Nested on the flat part at the top of the hill of Montjuic, the castle was built in 1694. It was transformed into military museum after the Spanish civil war.

Joan Miro Fondation

Based in 1975 with the objetctif to preserve and share the works of Joan Miro, the foundation accommodates 150 sculptures, approximately 300 paintings, and drawings of the artist.
Accessible by the funicular, the Joan Miro foundation organizes from time to time exhibitions.

Montjuic Barcelona - fondation Joan Miro
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Barcelona Montjuic district metro
Subway of Barcelona, line 1
Espanya station
photos du quartier de Montjuic de Barcelone

Montjuic - Barcelona
Barcelone Montjuic district pictures

Vu sur la Plaça Espanya depuis Montjuic
Chateau de Montjuic à Barcelone
teleferique du parc de Montjuic de Barcelone
Stade Olympique de Montjuic à Barcelone
fontaines de Montjuic - Plaça Espanya de Barcelone
Fondacion Joan Miro de Barcelone
vue du haut des teleferiques de Montjuic
Partie des jeux olympique de Barcelone à Montjuic
Palais national de Barcelone - MNAC Montjuic
The district of Montjuic, 184 meters in height decorated by monuments and inescapable places which their geographical situations offer exceptional views on the heights of the city of Barcelona.
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