Barecelona metro

From different subscriptions, cards and Barcelona metro fares to the opening and closing hours, from Barcelona jpg or pdf metro map with tourist attractions to each lines, stations and transfers to the city's main public transport network, find all informations on our Barcelona metro guide and start to plan your routes from barcelona best tourist attractions to places and monuments, by metro.

With the metro of Barcelona, make your visit easier

Barcelona ticket prices

barcelona metro ticket prices
From Barcelona metro ticket valid only for an individual journey to the card valid during 1 to 5 days, from a monthly to a three-monthly card, from zone 1 to zone 6, to individual and many people tickets, discover how to plan all your itineraries according to the length of your stay in Barcelona, the catalonia's capital.
Among Barcelona metro tickets
T-casual : Metro card of 10 trips in Barcelona's transport system ;
T-familiar : 1 return trip for 4 people, Great for Family Travel ;
T-Grup : Discover Barcelona as a group, 70 journeys to share ;
T-usual : Subway card valid for 30 days for personal use ;
T-Dia : Visit of Barcelona in 1 day, 24 hours of unlimited transportation ;
Hola : Itinerary from 2 to 5 days to discover Barcelona by metro ;
Single ticket : Barcelona bus or metro single trip.

Among the different tickets and prices of the Barcelona metro, we have one-person cards that cannot be used by 2 travellers, integrated fares that give access to different public transport services in Barcelona with the same ticket, as well as integrated collective tickets that can be shared by several people.

Hola subscriptions or the Dia card are part of the integrated rates for personal use, T-familiar and T-grup tickets are also integrated but can be used by several people.

To increase the use of public transport and reduce the use of the car in the Catalan capital, The Generalitat announced on Friday 12 November that the prices of the Barcelona metro will be, for the second consecutive year, the same as the previous year and will not be increased in 2022.

Barcelona timetables

Barcelona metro hours
  • From monday to thursday , Sundays and festive days, the metro of Barcelona runs from 5am to midnight.
  • Fridays and festive days before the metro of Barcelona runs from 5am to 2am.
  • Saturdays, the metro runs all day long.
  • Barcelone metro map

    barcelona metro map

    Iphone, Ipad, PC, and tablets, our Barcelona metro map in PDF or JPG format adapts to all types of media to guide you from line to line in your Barcelona itinerary.

    Thanks to our map of the metro of Barcelona, among more than 151 stations and 50 connections (including 2 stops for Barcelona airport) who share the colors of the 12 metro lines of Barcelona that are divided between the TMB and the FGC, locate the tourist attractions and monuments to visit and find out more information about the station you wish to reach.
  • Barcelona metro map with monuments JPG format
  • Barcelona metro map with monuments PDF format
  • Barcelona metro lines

    Composed of colours and numbers, the whole of the lines from 1 to 5, and 9 to 11 which constitute the Barcelona and its nearby municipalities such as Cornella, Badalona or L'Hospitalet de Llobregat metro network system, and stretch hundreds of kilometers , are handled by TMB company (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona).
    Lines 6, 7, 8 and 12 belong to FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) run through Barcelona and its neighbouring towns such as L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Cornella de Llobregat, and Sant Boi.
    From Plaça Espanya (L8), Catalunya (L6 and L7), and Sarrià (L12), this lines are in connection with the lines 1, 3, 5 and 9 of the metro of Barcelona.

    Barcelona metro line 1

    Barcelona metro line 1

    The Barcelona metro line 1 extends of Hospitalet de Bellvitge until Fondo on a total of 30 stations among which 15 links towards other lines allows the access to numerous Barcelona inescapable such as las Ramblas.
    Barcelona metro line 2

    Barcelona metro line 2

    The Barcelona metro line 2 extends of Paral-lel until Badalona with a total of 18 stations among which 8 links towards other lines allows the access to numerous of inescapable of Barcelona such as Barcelona's bullrings.
    Barcelona metro line 3

    Barcelona metro line 3

    With 26 stops among which 16 correspondences from Zona Universitaria station to Trinitat Nova, the Barcelona metro line 3 guides you at the foot of the most beautiful places and parks such as the park Guell.
    Barcelona metro line 4

    Barcelona metro line 4

    The line 4 (yellow) of the subway of Barcelona wich along Beaches and cross the Gothic district, passes through 22 stations among which 8 links. It gives access to great monuments and places such as the Cathedral.
    Barcelona metro line 5

    Barcelona metro line 5

    From Cornella Centre station to Vall d'Hebron, the line 5 of the metro of Barcelona consists of 27 stations and 13 correspondences. The line 5 also leads to the feet of the Sagrada Familia , the Paseo de Gracia and Diagonal.
    Barcelona metro line 6

    Barcelona metro line 6

    From Plaça Catalunya to Sarrià, the Barcelona underground line 6 consists of 8 stations which, among the Barcelona best places, give access to Plaça Catalunya, the Rambla and the district of Gracià.
    Barcelona metro line 7

    Barcelona metro line 7

    From Plaça Catalunya too, the line 7 which consists of 7 stations to Avinguda Tibidabo gets to the foot of the Ramblas of Barcelona, Gracià district, and brings you closer to the Barcelona amusement park Tibidabo.
    Barcelona metro line 8

    Barcelona metro line 8

    From Barcelona Plaça Espanya to Moli Nou - Ciutat Cooperativa, the line 8 gives access, among the great monuments and places of Barcelona, to Montjuic district and the Espanyole stadium.
    Barcelona metro line 9

    Barcelona metro line 9

    The line 9 that extends from La Sagrera to Can Zam for the northern part and from Zona Universitaria to Aeroport T1 for the southern part is the Barcelona metro line wich lead to Barcelona airport T1 and T2.
    Barcelona metro line 10

    Barcelona metro line 10

    From La Sagrera station to Gorg station, the line 10 of the Barcelona metro has only 6 stations and shares part of its route with line 9.
    Barcelona metro line 11

    Barcelona metro line 11

    The Barcelona metro line 11 travels from Trinitat Nova station to Can Cuiàs and has links with lines 3 and 4. The line 11 has only 5 stations.
    Barcelona metro line 12

    Barcelona metro line 12

    From Plaça Catalunya to Sarrià, the Barcelona metro line 6 consists of 8 stations which, among the Barcelona best places, give access to Plaça Catalunya, the Ramblas and the district of Gracià.
    barcelona metro stations list

    Barcelona metro stations list

    Barcelona Metro stations from A to Z

    If you already know the name of the metro station you have to go to, if you have more or less an idea of its name, check the list of Barcelona metro stations in alphabetical order.
    By clicking on the stop of your destination, you will not only be able to find out which metro lines lead to it as well as the connections available between metro, tramway, funicular or cable car, but also what you can discover there, such as monuments, museums, restaurants or tourist sites.

    barcelona metro frequently asked questions

    Barcelona metro FAQ

    Questions most asked on Barcelona metro

    Rates, location, schedules, how and where to go, to help you and answer your questions as quickly as possible, we share the most frequently asked questions on our information forum about the Barcelona metro.
    What is the price of the subway ticket for a child, how the 10-trip card works, does the Hola card work from the airport ; if the answer to your search is not there, send us your request by email to

    Barcelone itinerary by metro

    Barcelona guide + metro

    Which Barcelona metro stations to get off at

    With more than 2000 years of history distribuated in 101 km2 of avenues, allays, places, and parks, the capital of Catalonia contains treasures of exceptional architectures. Middle age, the renassance, and modernism, who can't be unnoticed between the sea and mountains of Barcelona.
    With the metro of Barcelona, go to discover the kingdom of the most popular architect in the history of Spain, Antoni Gaudí, among some of which monuments of Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batlló, the Palau Guell, the Pedrera and the park Güell, are classified world heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO.

    Barcelona metro station

    Barcelona metro

    In use since December 1924, Barcelona's metro network which once stretched between the Catalonia square and the Lesseps station has well evolved. Nowadays, the 12 metro lines of Barcelona, managed respectively by the TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) for lines 1 to 5 and 9 to 11, and the FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya) for lines 6 to 8 and 12, and extending over 165 kilometers through 190 stations, place the Barcelona metro in second place as the largest metro in Spain behind Madrid.

    Winter or summer, the 12 different colored lines are equipped with air conditioning in order to make any trip to the Catalan capital much more pleasant. Thanks to its wide choice of transport tickets, there are many possibilities to visit Barcelona by metro, on very variable packages from 1 to 5 days, monthly or quarterly.
    Travelers who wish to combine bikes + metro can board with a bicycle during off-peak hours, in contrast to the Ferrocarrils and the tramway, which do not have a fixed schedule ; they can also take the subway with their dog in wearing a muzzle, also outside the peak hours. Apart from a handful of stations, the Barcelona metro is very well equipped for people with reduced mobility.

    Universitat metro station Barcelona

    Link with the metro in Barcelona

    Barcelona X1 express bus

    Expres bus

    Connecting the 2 networks of the Barcelona Tram

    The first Espress bus line "XPRESBus X1" which runs between Plaça Francesc Macià and Plaça de las Glòries, through the city centre, connects the lines from T1 to T3 with the lines from T4 to T6.
    With links to metro lines L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5, the Express X1 bus line provides access to, among others, the Ramblas and Plaça Catalunya via by Pl Universitat station, at the Passeig de Gracia and the beautiful Casa Batllo by Gran Via station - Pau Caris, as well as the Barcelona flea market and the Las Glories shopping centre through Mercat dels Encants station.

    tramway of Barcelona

    Barcelona tramway

    Link between tram and metro in Barcelona

    Including the blue tram line that runs between the Avinguda Tibidabo metro stop and the funicular that climbs to the foot of the Barcelona theme park, the Tibidabo, Barcelona's tram network consists of 7 lines. Lines 1 to 3 serve the southern part of the city and its surrounding towns ; lines 4 to 6 connect the northern part of Barcelona and its suburbs. The link between tram and metro allows easier access to some places not served by the Barcelona metro such as the Auditori or the Forum Port of Barcelona. Each of the lines from 1 to 6 is connected to at least 2 lines of the Barcelona metro.

    barcelona montjuic funicular

    Barcelona Montjuic funicular

    Link between metro and cable car of Montjuic

    Accessible by lines L2 and L3 (Barcelona metro green line), the funicular is the fastest way to get halfway up Montjuic hill which contains a large part of parks, monuments and tourist attractions of Barcelona.
    From Paral-lel metro station, with your metro ticket, the funicular takes you in no time to the foot of the cable car that leads to the top of Montjuic, a few steps from the Joan Miro Foundation, in the heart of one of the city's must-see parks.

    Barcelona cable car

    Barcelona cable car

    Visit Barcelona from the sky

    From the top of Montjuic hill to the beaches of Barcelona, through the old port of the city, Barcelona's cable car runs back and forth between Montjuic Castle and the sand of Barceloneta on a set of four stops that give, among other things, access to the Port Vell, at the Ramblas, the beachfront or the Joan Miro Foundation. The cable car can be reached by the Barcelona metro via line 4 by getting off at Barceloneta station, the line 3 by getting off at the Drassanes metro stop, or lines 2 and 3 from the Paral-lel metro station where the funicular leads to the foot of the cable car halfway up Montjuic hill.

    Barcelona airport

    Barcelona airport

    How to get from Barcelona airport to the city centre

    Among the different public transportation options available upon arrival at Barcelona el Prat airport,, whatever your terminal (Terminal 1 or Terminal 2), the Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2 stations on metro line 9 provide easy access to Barcelona from the airport. With Barcelona's metro line 9 you are only a few minutes away from the main tourist attractions of the Catalan capital such as the Plaça Catalunya, the Gothic Quarter or the Ramblas by taking the connection with line 1 (red line) at Torrassa station ; or the old port, the Gracia district or the Guell park via the Zona Universitariala station on line 3 (green).
    The Barcelone metro ticket price to get to Barcelona from airport T1 and T2 is 5.15 €. (2021 metro fares).

    Barcelona Sants trains station

    Barcelona Trains

    Between trains and the Barcelona metro

    Your train has just arrived on one of the platforms at Sants station ; You are in the middle of Barcelona. To start your visit to Barcelona by metro from Sants station, you can choose between line 3, which takes you to many sites to visit such as the Port Vell, the Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter or the Guell Park, and line 5, which takes you directly to the foot of the Sagrada Familia and the Camp Nou among others.
    If you arrive in Barcelona from the Estación de Francia, the nearest metro station is Barceloneta on line 4 (yellow line) ; From this station you can go to the Barceloneta district and the old port of the city (Port Vell).

    Barcelona cruise port

    Barcelona cruise port

    Reaching the metro from your stopover in the port of Barcelona

    You're welcome in the cruise port of Barcelona, and whatever your call in the capital of Catalonia takes, find out how make the most of your visit of Barcelona locating in first your access point to the city as well as the monuments of Barcelona, and their metro station, the nearest of your anchor point at port of Barcelona.

    Barcelona itinerary

    Barcelona tourist itinerary by metro

    The number of tourist sites and monuments to visit in Barcelona cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand ; it is thus complicated to make the tour of all the inescapable places of Barcelona with a rather restricted timing. Anyway, with the right information that will help you move from one visit to another, start planning your itinerary according to the time you will spend in the Catalan capital.
    Barcelona gothic district photo

    Barcelona 1 day trip

    The visit of the most beautiful sites and monuments of Barcelona in 1 day is complicated unless you dedicate about 15 minutes per stage ; discover our suggestion to go through the essential of Barcelona in a limited time.

      Barcelona one day trip

    barcelona montjuic

    Barcelona itinerary 2 days

    48 hours in Barcelona, either the time of a weekend, Allow you to discover a large number of parks or monuments according to your itinerary ; Follow our Barcelona itinerary from one metro station to the next to see the city's must-see sites.

      Visit of Barcelona in 2 days

    barcelona's beach

    Tour of Barcelona in 3 days

    Monuments, museums and tourist sites, in three days in Barcelona you will have time to enjoy your stay more and discover more quietly each of your visits among some ideas of itineraries from one station to another of the Barcelona metro.

      Visite of Barcelona in 3 days

    Enjoy your stay in Barcelona

    Barcelona beaches

    Barcelona beaches

    Barceloneta or Nova Icària, as many names as choices for a relaxing activity on Barcelona's beaches where restaurants and entertainment lead the atmosphere.
    Which Barcelona beach to choice ?

    Barcelona Zoo

    Barcelona zoo

    Just a few steps from the beaches, the 315 species that populate the Barcelona Zoo will meet you in the heart of Barcelona.
    Barcelona zoo quick trip

    Aquarium de Barcelona

    Barcelona aquarium

    The hundreds of species that share the Barcelona Aquarium take you to the depths of a world as magical as it is mysterious.
    Litle trip in the aquarium marine depths

    Barcelona metro , read more

    barcelona port metro access

    Three new stations on line 10

    Extension of line 10 to the port of Barcelona

    From 7 November 2021, the Barcelona metro will introduce 3 new stations to extend the L10 line to simplify access to the port area and the Zona Franca industrial zone. In continuation of the Zona Franca station, the new stations :

  • Port Comercial / La Factoria
  • Ecoparc
  • ZAL/Riu Vell
  • Will provide easy access to the port of Barcelona for over one million passengers annually.

    barcelona metro hours of operation

    The Barcelona metro timetable

    Return to normality

    After a step-by-step return to the pre-pandemic Barcelona metro timetable : from 5 a.m. to midnight from Monday to Thursday, from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Fridays and the eve of public holidays, it is the metro schedules, without interruption from Saturday to Sunday, to return to their usual time slot.

    Since the weekend of 10-11 August, Barcelona metro traffic is continuous on Saturday to Sunday nights.

    Barcelona t mobilitat metro ticket price

    Ticket T-Mobilitat

    Barcelona's metro ticket will soon be digital

    For a better operating system and simplified access to public transport, Barcelona's metro ticket goes digital. Smart cards, cell phones or connected watches, in various forms of digital media, the entry in the public transport of the Catalan capital will be done in contactless, in combination with the use of the various current metro tickets, the time to set up the transition. Subway of the city, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), Rodalies de Renfe (trains), streetcar and bus system adapt the equipment of each station, points of attention and transportation in order to implement the contactless ticket, with all the advantages of the integrated system in force among the 800 public transport lines in Barcelona, in the near future.

    Barcelona Ernest Lluc metro station

    Barcelona Ernest Lluc metro station

    The last station of line 5

    On Sunday 25 July 2021, the new Ernest Lluch metro station on line 5 was opened. This new station on the blue line of the Barcelona metro, which connects the cities of Barcelona and Hospitalet de Llobregat, will facilitate access to the T1, T2 and T3 tram lines.
    The Ernest Lluch metro station is only a short distance from the Camp Nou (FC Barcelona stadium), and also provides easy access to the Sagrada Familia, Sants station and the Passeig de Gracia at Diagonal station, by following the line 5 towards Vall d'Hebron.

    Barcelona metro line 4 works

    Extension of the line 4

    New stations on the yellow line

    From one of its terminals to La Sagrera station, the new metro stations of the yellow line will link the La Pau stop to La Sagrera station in connection with lines 1, 5 and 9. The two new metro stations, Santander, estación de La Sagrera Alta Velocitat, will provide easy access to the northern part of Barcelona, as well as to the high-speed train station and the metro line to Barcelona airport.

    Barcelona metro line 8

    Extension of line 8 of the Barcelona metro

    From Plaça Espanya to Gracia neighbourhood

    A project to extend metro line 8, which currently connects the towns of Sant Boi, Cornella de Llobregat and L'Hospitalet de Llobret, to the city of Barcelona consists initially of linking the Montjuic district at Plaça Epanya (the current end of line 8) to the Gracia district.
    With the additional 3.5 kilometres of track connecting Plaça Espanya and Gracia station (plaza Gal∙la Placídia), the line 8 will provide access to line 5 via the Entença stop as well as to the T1 T2 and T3 tram lines at Francesc Macià station.

    Barcelona airport metro line 9

    Third section of the line 9

    From Barcelona airport to the city centre

    12 stations, from Zona Universitària to Sagrera, will form the 3rd section which will connect the Barcelona metro lines 9 North and 9 South.
    The Zona Universitària, Campus Nord, Manuel Girona, Prat de la Riba, Sarrià, Mandri, El Putxet, Lesseps, Travessera de Dalt, Sanllehy, Guinardó-Hospital de Sant Pau and Plaça de Maragall metro stations in this extension will make it easier to connect line 9 with lines L3, L4 and the tram.

    Barcelona airport
    Barcelona airport metro line 9

    Barcelona airport metro fare

    transport between barcelona airport and the city centre

    Train, bus, taxi, shuttle or metro, there are many options for getting around between Barcelona airport and Barcelona city centre.

    - The train leaves from Sants station, where you can connect with lines 3 and 5 ; The line 3 takes you to the most touristic areas of Barcelona such as the Ramblas, Parc Guell, Plaça Catalunya or the Gothic Quarter, while the line 5 takes you to the most important monuments such as the Sagrada Familia or the Camp Nou.
    - The taxis, always available at each exit of the T1 and T2 terminals of the airport, will take you to the four corners of Barcelona.
    - The Aerobus, a shuttle bus that runs back and forth between Barcelona airport and Plaça Catalunya with a few stops at Plaça Espanya or Plaça Universitat.
    - The metro which runs on line 9 will connect you to lines L1, L3, L5, L8 and L10, thanks to which you will be able to access a multitude of monuments, squares, parks and tourist sites in Barcelona. To access Barcelona airport's Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 by metro, it is necessary to pay the fare that gives access. The metro price for Barcelona airport is 5,15 Euros (2021), this rate is already included in the Hola bcn, T-Dia, T-Usual, T-Grup, T-Jove, T-16, Targeta Rosa or T-4 cards.

    Complete your visit to Barcelona

    Barcelona Gracia festival

    fetes de Gracia Barcelone

    On the occasion of the festivities of Gracia, a few streets of the neighborhood disguise themselves to make way for the creative imagination of the inhabitants.
    Barcelona Gracia festival

    Plaza Cataluña

    Plaça Catalunya Barcelona

    Intersection of some of Barcelona's most beautiful and unmissable avenues such as the Ramblas and the Rambla Catalunya, the Plaça Catalunya is the most famous and busiest square in Barcelona.
    Barcelona most famous place

    Barrio Gotico de Barcelona

    Barcelona barrio gotico

    A labyrinth of alleyways where museums, churches and Roman research portray the history of Barcelona's oldest district from the old port to Plaça Catalunya.
    short walk in the Barcelona gothic quarter

    How to travel in Barcelona by metro

    Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, which metro

    There are plenty of options for visiting the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona by metro :
  • Take line 1 and get off at the Urquinaona station, which is a few steps from Plaça Catalunya, or Catalunya station that leaves you at the foot of the most famous square in Barcelona.
  • With the line 3, The 3 metro stops Catalunya, Liceu and Drassanes, which run along the Ramblas from Plaza Catalunya to the port, give access to different points of the Gothic Quarter.
  • With the line 4, get off at the Jaume 1 subway station, which plunges you into the heart of the Gothic Quarter, a short distance from the magnificent Santa Eulalie Cathedral, Santa Maria del Mar and the Picasso Museum.
  • How to get around Barcelona from the port to the Sagrada Familia

    To get around Barcelona by metro from the port, to get to the Sagrada Familia, take line 3 (Barcelona metro green line) and follow it to the Paral-lel station, going towards Zona Universitaria. Then look for the line 2 and go in the direction of Badalona Pomeu Fabra until the Sagrada Familia metro station.

    How to get from Barcelona airport to the city center

    To get to the center of Barcelona from El Prat airport, take line 9 South, which passes through terminals T1 and T2, and then connect with line 1, for example at Torrassa station.
    With the red line (1) you can go to Plaça Catalunya and many other tourist sites in the city center such as the Gothic Quarter or Passeig de Gracia. To go from Barcelona to the airport, go the other way around and get to terminals 1 or 2 of Barcelona airport, you will need to take line 9 South which connects with lines 8 (Europa Fira), 1 (Torrassa), 5 (Collblanc) and 3 (Zona Universitaria).

    How to get to Sants station from airport

    To get to Sants station from Barcelona airport, take line 9; Barcelona's main Sants station can be reached by taking line 5 and changing at Collblanc station in the direction of Vall d'Hebron, or by taking line 3 and changing at Zona Universitaria to Trinitat Nova.

    Nearest metro station to the Barcelona cruise port

    When your ship calls at the port of Barcelona you are not far from the city center. Geographically, you are located between Monjuic and Las Ramblas. A bus shuttles you from the docks to the beginning of the Ramblas where you can get to the Drassanes metro station on line 3, which will take you to many of Barcelona's tourist attractions such as Plaça Catalunya, Park Guell, Montjuic or the FC Barcelona stadium.

    Montjuic barcelona how to get there

    The hill of Montjuic is accessible by several access points: metro, funicular or cable car :
    - To get to Montjuic by metro in Barcelona, take the L1, L3 or L8 lines to Plaça Espanya; your visit begins at the foot of the MNAC ;
    - To get to Montjuic by funicular, go to the Paral-lel metro station with lines 2 or 3 ; your visit to Montjuic will begin in the center of the hill ;
    - To get to Montjuic by cable car, go to the Drassanes metro stop, where the cable car will take you to the same level as the funicular, or to the top of Montjuic at the foot of Barcelona Castle.

    How to go to the beach in Barcelona

    This is the line 4 of the Barcelona metro that will take you to different points of the beach of Barcelona :
    - To get to Barceloneta beach, get out at Barceloneta metro station ;
    - To go to the beaches of Bogatell or Nova Icaria, get out at the Ciutadella Vila Olimpica station ;
    - To get to the Forum beaches, go to the El Maresme / Forum metro station ;
    - Barcelona's beaches can also be reached through other Barcelona metro stations, such as Llacuna or Bogatell, but you will have to walk.

    How to get to Camp Nou by metro

    To reach the Camp Nou stadium with the Barcelona subway, you can take lines 5 or 9 and get off at Collblanc station. If you are on the Diagonal side, get off at Maria Cristina station on line 3 and take Avenida Joan XXIII which leads to the Barça stadium.

    How to get to the Rambla by metro from the Sagrada Familia

    To get to the Rambla of Barcelona (Ramblas), by metro, take the L5 line from Sagrada Familia to Diagonal, then the L3 line towards Zona Universitaria to the stop of your choice :
    - Catalunya: Start of the Ramblas at the foot of the famous Plaça Catalunya ;
    - Liceu: metro station that leads to the Liceu theater, located in the heart of the Ramblas ;
    - Drassanes: metro station, located at the end of the Ramblas, on the Port Vell side.
    Barcelona metro
    BARCELONA METRO Barcelona metro ticket, hours and map

    Every Barcelona metro stations having its own personality, depending what you'll find there. get an idea right now about what you could discover where you 'll down. From Barcelona metro ticket prices to timetables and map, with metrodebarcelone simplify your visit of Barcelona.

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