Barcelona Ecoparc metro station

Located on line 10 South, the Ecoparc metro stop is one of the stations that run along the 6-metre high viaduct which crosses the Logistic Activity Zone (Zona d'Activitats Logístiques "ZAL") and the commercial port of Barcelona.
Barcelona metro ecoparc

Barcelona Ecoparc metro stop

The Barcelona Metro line 10 South Ecoparc station is located between the Port Comercial La Factoria stop and the ZAL Riu Vell station.

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Barcelona Ecoparc metro stop
Barcelona Ecoparc metro stop Barcelona line 10 Ecoparc metro station

Each of Barcelona metro stops having its particularity, depending on what you can find there, locate the Barcelona Ecoparc metro station on our map and get an idea of what you will discover, where you will get off.

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