All Barcelona metro stations

Barcelona metro stations

Every Barcelona metro stations list

You know the name of the metro station but you don't know which lines and connections can take you there, click on your destination in the list of Barcelona's metro stations arranged in alphabetical order, and find out how to get there among the lines L1 to L12 and other public transport services that connect to them.

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The "Barcelona Essentials pass" offer which not only includes fast-track entry to the Sagrada Familia and its interior museum, but also ticket-free access to the monumental area of Parc Guell, as well as unlimited access for 2 to 5 days to Barcelona's public transport network (metro, tram, bus, Montjuic funicular, etc.).

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Barcelona metro stop list
Barcelona metro stations All Barcelona's subway stations

How to get there and what to see, which line of the Barcelona underground is located and which connections to take ; all the answers to any questions you may have about your destination are behind each of the Barcelona underground stations.

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