Port Aventura amusement park

PortAventura park Spain

The largest amusement park in Europe

biggest amusement park in Spain

From Polynesia to the Far West, from the Mediterranean to Latin America, not forgetting China and the SesamoAventura theme area for the youngest, travel around the world in one day at PortAventura, Spain's largest amusement park. From attraction to attraction, show to entertainment, PortAventura Park, one of PortAventura World's theme parks, which covers a total area of 119 hectares, offers unforgettable moments of exception.

At only an hour's drive south of Barcelona, located between the municipalities of Salou and Vila-seca, in the heart of the Costa Dorada, and only 2 kilometres from the beaches, the 6 thematic areas of the park, as well as its hotels, campsite, restaurants and all the means of transport that lead to them, make PortAventura Park an unmissable tourist destination in Spain.

World Tour in Port Aventura


The Mediterranean

The entrance to Port Aventura Park begins with the discovery of a magnificent fishing village, characteristic of northern Spain, on the edge of the park's lake.
In addition to its peaceful atmosphere, the Mediterrània area of Port Aventura Park offers a multitude of shops.

Zone Mexique Port Aventura Espagne


Pyramid, landscape and Mexican atmosphere have been established in the very heart of the Costa Dorada in the largest park of attractions in Spain.
Mayan temple, hacienda, vegetation, and as many visual effects as necessary to make your stay in the world from Mexico City to Port Aventura as authentic as possible.

Far West Port Aventura Espagne

The Far West

As if you were on the set of a Westerns film set, immerse yourself in the legendary atmosphere of the Far West.
Horse-drawn carriages, stagecoaches, saloons, and many other elements that make up the cowboy world of Port Aventura Park will take you back in time to the Far West.

Chine Port Aventura parc Espagne


Cross the world's most famous wall to go from shows to attractions that litter the world of China at PortAventura.
Architecture, monuments, atmosphere and vegetation, every detail is reconstructed to transport you to the largest country in East Asia.

Polynésie Port Aventura parc Espagne


Treat yourself to a piece of exoticism on a trip to Polynesia, in the very heart of Salou. Decorated with magnificent waterfalls, typical houses, a white sandy beach and local vegetation, let yourself be guided by the ambient music to cross Polynesia at Port Aventura.

Sesamo Aventura PortAventura Parc

Sesamo Aventura

Sesamo Aventura , the theme area of the Port Aventura Park totally dedicated to the little ones.
Between China and Polynesia, Elmo, Kermit, Grover and all their friends lead the atmosphere of the magical world of Port Aventura Park.

port aventura parc far west
Noel à Port Aventura

Christmas in Port Aventura - Garlands, snowmen and Santa Claus, on the occasion of Christmas, Port Aventura is transformed into a giant fir tree.

Halloween à Port Aventura

Halloween at Port Aventura - A time when terrorists can experience a frighteningly funny atmosphere in Port Aventura.

Rois mages Port Aventura

The kings of the park - The Wise Men on the lake of the park on the occasion of the biggest New Year's Eve party in Spain.


attraction shambhala Port Aventura


Much more than an attraction, the Shambhala at Port Aventura Park is above all a myth that sends you to conquer the sky.
The 76 metres of height that take you beyond the peaks of Central Asia, to an inaccessible paradise, make it the highest attraction in Europe. With its impressive speed of 134 km/h in the first descent, the Shambhala, a Russian mountain of 1650 metres, is the fastest hypercoaster in Europe.

port aventura shambhala
shambhala port aventura park
attraction Dragon Khan Port Aventura

The Dragon Khan

Close your pockets and put away your glasses, you're on the park's most stunning attraction.
Go to the world of China, the Dragon Khan is right at the foot of the wall.
Hang on to take off on a 1266-metre course strewn with 8 loops, at a speed of 105 kph.

portaventura dragon khan
dragon khan port aventura park
Guide rapide de Barcelone

The Furius Baco

Its acceleration from 0 to 135 km/h in just 3 seconds makes it the fastest attraction at PortAventura Park.

Located in the Mediterranean area, the Furius Baco, one of the flagship attractions of the park, will propel you at full speed over a 850 m course, following a handling error by the Baco monkey.

furius baco port aventura
port aventura furius baco
port aventura attraction hurakan condor

L'Hurakan Condor

Located in the Mexican world of the park, the Hurakan Condor, the attraction at PortAventura Park that goes up, up, up and down much faster!

Once you arrive at the top of its 86 meters of altitude, from where you can quickly admire the whole PortAventura Park, you will fall from the top and make a free fall in only 3 seconds before touching the cows' floor again.

portaventura park hurakan condor
hurakan condor port aventura attraction
attraction angkor port aventura parc


The Angkor attraction at Port Aventura Park takes you on a boat trip, as long as it is impressive. Designed for the whole family, this Port Aventura Park adventure that will take you into the heart of the jungle, will guide your boat through a circuit of exceptional sites, where, armed with a (water) gun, you will have to face the monkeys, pythons, and local inhabitants who will stand in the way of your destiny that will take you to the final naval battle.

port aventura attraction angkor
attraction port aventura angkor
attraction tutuki splash port aventura parc

Tutuki Splash

Located in the area of Polynesia, the Tutuki splash is the ideal attraction of the Port Aventura park for a good refreshing break on hot days.
The 20 passengers who will board the canoes will embark on a 440-metre trip where 2 waterfalls of 5 and 15 metres promise splashes and a feeling of freshness.

attraction tutuki splash port aventura
tutuki splash port aventura parc
port aventura parc train

Port Aventura Park Train

Only Port Aventura Park offers you a unique opportunity to travel around the world sitting on the wooden benches of an old steam train.
Mediterranean, Asia, Latin America and Polynesia, an exceptional itinerary of 4 destinations in which a new world unveils its traditions and cultures, as well as many surprises for everyone.

attraction train port aventura
train parc port aventura
sesamo aventura port aventura


Situated between the worlds of China and Polynesia, the heroes of the children's television series, "Sesame Street", share the atmosphere and animation of SesamoAventura, the area of Port Aventura Park dedicated to toddlers.

Kermit the frog, Grover, Elmo, Ernest, and many other inhabitants of the theme area of Port Aventura Park, meet you in this magical area of the park to share unforgettable moments with your family.

Sesamo Aventura offers attractions for the whole family, shows hosted by its inhabitants, a lunch break between two stops, and a shop to stock up on souvenirs from the park.

Each of the attractions at Sesamoventura indicates at the beginning of the queue the size from which children can climb. Don't forget to check it so that you don't lose time and enjoy Port Aventura Park to the fullest.

sesamo port aventura parc
sesamo port aventura attractions
sesamo aventura spectacle
port aventura sesamo attractions


From the Far West to the tropical or Mediterranean friendliness, through the luxury of the Victorian era; Bungalows, apartments or rooms, at each of the hotels (4 or 5 stars) of the Port Aventura Park, its atmosphere.

Gold River, PortAventura, El Paso, Caribe and Lucy Mansion, The five welcoming and comfortable hotels in PortAventura Park, themed in every detail, three of which have the privilege of offering direct access to the park, make the magic of your stay in Port Aventura much more authentic.

port aventura parc hotel
port aventura parc hotel golden river
mansion de lucy port aventura hotel
hotels port aventura cabanes
hotels port aventura park far west

How to get to PortAventura Park

access to Port Aventura by train

Trains to Port Aventura How to get to Port Aventura by train from Barcelona

From Barcelona, the R16 and R17 lines take you to the Port Aventura park by train, passing through Tarragona and Altafulla, among other places.
The R16 line also facilitates access to the park from the municipalities of Tortosa, l'Ametlla de mar, or Cambrils.
From L'Arboç to Salou, the RT2 line also provides access to the theme park.

Port-Aventura Barcelona trains
from Barcelona to PortAventura by train
train Rt2 Salou
Comment aller à PortAventura en train

Port Aventura by train

The railway network is taken care of by the Renfe. For long-distance trains such as the AVE, or the Euromed, the arrival station will be Tarragona. To get to Port Aventura, the regional train (Rodalies de Catalunya) serves the park's own station.

Comment aller à PortAventura en voiture

Port Aventura by car

To get to PortAventura park by car, whether you are coming from the north or south of Spain, the easiest way is to pick up the AP-7 ; Exit 35 - You are in PortAventura. (GPS address Latitude : 41º05'53''N Longitude : 001º09'14''E Decimal : 41.0980667; 1.15a)

Comment aller à Port Aventura en avion

Port Aventura by plane

To come to Port Aventura Park by plane, 4 airports, 4 possibilities. From Reus and Barcelona airports, Port Aventura Park is accessible by bus. From Girona and Lleida airports, you can reach the park by renting a car.

liven up your stay at PortAventura World

Port vell de Barcelone

PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park

On an area of 50,000 m2 of aquatic and green spaces in the Caribe Aquatic Park, slides, swimming pools, waterfalls and artificial beaches make the PortAventura World Water Park lively.
Treat yourself to unique moments of relaxation in an atmosphere as soothing as it is exceptional that will transport you to the heart of the paradise islands of the Caribbean.

Aquatic Port Aventura World

portaventura caribe aquatic park
Barcelone metro tarifs hola carte
parc aquatique Port Aventura

Ferrari Land

Ferrari Land, one of PortAventura World's theme parks dedicated to fans of sensation, Formula 1 and adrenaline.
High-speed attractions, simulator, as many rides for young and old alike, at the Ferrari Land park in Salou, it's you who takes the controls.

Gooo !!

ferrari land portaventura world
attractions ferrari land port aventura
attractions Ferrari land parc
parc Ferrari Land Espagne
PortAventura world park
PORT AVENTURA PARK SPAIN The biggest amusement park in Spain

Port Aventura, an exceptional theme park for the whole family, where the attractions, shows, entertainment, and restaurants, as well as the reconstitution of the environment of each of the continents you will have the opportunity to discover, will take you around the world in one day.

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