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Barcelona Airport

How to get to Barcelona from airport

Barcelona's international airport, which handles flights to the Catalan capital, is located in Prat de Llobregat, a seaside town about 12 kilometres from Barcelona city centre. Barcelona Airport, which officially bears the name "Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport" since June 2011, consists of Terminals 1 and 2 (2A, 2B and 2C), which receive both national and international flights.

Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 (T1)

Spread over an area of more than 540,000 m2, Terminal 1 of Barcelona Airport, which was inaugurated in June 2009, handles 70% of the air traffic of the Catalan capital and is located 4 km from Terminal 2.
Boarding takes place at gates A, B, C, D and E depending on your destination :
- A, B, C : Schengen
- D and E : Non Schengen

With no less than 101 boarding gates, 166 check-in points, 20,000 m2 of commercial areas and 12,000 parking spaces spread over its four levels, Terminal 1 of Barcelona Airport is designed to handle an annual movement equivalent to 55 million passengers.

Terminal 1 boarding gates
Barcelona airport T1 arrivals
Barcelona Airport Terminal 1

Barcelona Airport Shuttle

How to get from T1 to T2

If you are not at the right terminal, you have the option between metro, taxi or shuttle. The Barcelona airport shuttle service is free of charge and runs between the different terminals of the airport, 7 days a week, with a departure every 5 minutes. With the shuttle, which is green and easy to spot, count about 30 minutes between the 2 terminals with the waiting time.

    Barcelona Airport Terminal 1         Barcelona Airport terminal 2

Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 (T2)

In order to cope with the air traffic that would be generated by the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Barcelona airport underwent extensive widening work to make way for terminals A and C. Following the commissioning of Terminal 1, the former Terminals A, B and C which formed Barcelona Airport are now qualified as T2a, T2b and T2c and form Terminal 2 of the airport.

Barcelona airport Terminal 2 currently hosts low-cost airlines such as Easyjet, Germanwings, Luxair, Ryanair, Wizz Air, Belavia and Blue Air, as well as some local flights.

  • Arrivals, registrations and invoicing take place on the ground floor.
  • Check-in and boarding take place on the first floor of this terminal.
Barcelona airport Terminal 2 boarding gates
Barcelona airport T2b arrivals
Barcelona airport T2 Joan Miro ceramics

Barcelona airport transports

Barcelona airport metro

From barcelona airport to the city centre by metro

In order to get to any of the terminals of Barcelona Airport by metro via line 9, or to get to Barcelona from terminals 1 or 2, travellers will need to take the airport card, which will be available in the appropriate machines as soon as they leave, at a cost of 4.60 €.

Barcelona airport trains

Getting to Barcelona from the airport by train

The train to Barcelona from the airport is only accessible from Terminal 2. (soon T1) Renfe trains stop at Sants, Plaça Catalunya and Arc de Triomf stations. Renfe trains stop at Sants, Plaça Catalunya and Arc de Triomf stations.

By bus

From El prat airport to Barcelona by bus

To get from Barcelona Airport to the city centre by bus, the aerobus offers a shuttle service available all year round that takes you to Plaça Catalunya via Plaça Espanya, Gran Via Urgell and Plaça Universitat.

Barcelona airport taxis

To reach Barcelona from the airport by Taxi

Yellow and black, thanks to their colours the taxis of Barcelona are easily spotted. They can be picked up directly at the exit of each terminal.

Barcelona airport metro map

Links with Barcelona metro line 9

  • L8 - Europa Fira station to get to Plaza España
  • L1 - Torrassa station to get to Plaza Cataluña
  • L5 - Collblanc station to get to Sagrada Familia
  • L3 - Zona Universitaria station to get park Guell

Barcelona Airport Routes

How to get from Barcelona to the airport
To get to terminals 1 or 2 of Barcelona el Prat airport you must take the line 9 South which will take you to the terminal of your choice. The line 9 South connects with the lines 8 (Europa Fira), 1 (Torrassa), 5 (Collblanc) and 3 (Zona Universitaria).
How to get to the port of Barcelona from the airport
The Drassanes metro station is on the line 3, at the foot of the port. To get from Barcelona airport to the port, take the line 9 to Zona Universitaria and then the line 3 in the direction of Trinit Nova to the Drassanes metro stop.
How to get to Sants station from the airport
Barcelona's Sants train station can be reached either via the line 5 with a change at Collblanc station in the direction of Vall d'Hebron, or via the line 3 with a change at Zona Universitaria in the direction of Trinitat Nova.
Which subway to use to get to Passeig de Gracia Avenue
3 possibilities to get to Passeig de Gracia from Barcelona airport by metro. Either the line 9 to Torrassa and then the line 1 to Plaça Catalunya, or the line 9 and then the line 5 to Diagonal changing at Collblanc, or the line 9 and the line 3 to Passeig de Gracia.
How to get to the Barcelona Rambla from the airport
To get to the Ramblas by metro from Barcelona airport, go to Zona Universitaria with the line 9 and then take the line 3 to Drassanes, Liceu or Catalunya depending on where you want to get off at the Rambla.
Getting to Camp Nou from Barcelona Airport
To get to the Camp Nou from Barcelona airport by metro, and follow live great moments with the famous Barça team, take the metro line 9 to Collblanc station and once out of the metro follow the signs to the FC Barcelona stadium.
How to get from one terminal to another at Barcelona Airport
To travel between terminals 1 and 2 of Barcelona El Prat Airport, the shuttle bus is very convenient and free of charge. It runs between the different terminals of the airport, 7 days a week, with one departure every 5 minutes.
Mobile World Congress Barcelona from El Prat Airport
To get to the Barcelona Mobile World Congress located at the Fira Hospitalet, take metro line 9 to the Fira or Europa Fira stations. For the congress held at the Fira of Montjuic change at Europa Fira and get off at Plaça Espanya station with the line 8.
How to get to the Fira de Montjuic from the airport del Prat
La Fira de Montjuic se situe au pied de la Place Espanya. Depuis l'aeroport de Barcelone, prenez la ligne 9 Sud en direction Zona Universitaria et changez avec la ligne 8 à la station Europa Fira. Depuis cette station, dirigez vous jusqu'au terminus de la ligne 8 (Plaça Espanya).
Access to the Gothic Quarter from the airport
Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is accessible in several ways. For example, take the line 9 to Torrassa, then continue with the line 1 towards Fondo; you can exit at Catalunya or Urquinaona stations.
From Barcelona airport to Plaça Catalunya
As with the Gothic Quarter, access to Plaça Catalunya by metro from the airport can be made via the line 9 changing at Torrassa station and then the line 1 towards Fondo to Catalunya, which is only 9 stations away.
To get to Parc Guell from the airport
While waiting for the line 9 to be extended to your destination without change, it is for the moment necessary to make a change to get to Parc Guell by metro. Take the line 9 to Zona Universitarià and then the line 3 in the direction of Trinitat Nova; get off at the Lesseps stop.
From Barcelona airport to the Sagrada Familia
To discover the Basilica of Barcelona, change at Collblanc station and take the line 5 (blue) towards Vall d'Hebron. Count 8 stations and you have arrived at the foot of Barcelona's most visited monument.
From Barcelona airport to Plaça Espanya
To get to Plaça Espanya, and access the Montjuic district from Barcelona airport by metro, take the line 9 to the Europa I Fira stop and continue with the line 8 to Plaça Espanya station.

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Barcelona airport
Barcelona airport metro How to get from the airport to Barcelona by metro

Very well served by public transport, find out how to reach the centre of Barcelona from Barcelona el Prat airport as well as the most beautiful squares and monuments of Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, las Ramblas, Plaça Catalunya, Camp nou and many others.

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