Barcelona Muntaner metro station

Barcelona Muntaner metro line 6 station
barcelona muntaner metro station

Barcelona Muntaner station

The Muntaner station on line 6 of the Barcelona Metro (FGC) is located between the Sant Gervasi stop and La Bonanova station.

  •  Disabled access  Lifts
  • Transbordo con el metro : none
  • Transbordo con el tranvía : none
  • Transbordo con el tren : none
  • Next station : metro La Bonanova
  • Previous metro station : Sant Gervasi

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Barcelona Muntaner metro stop
Barcelona Muntaner metro stop Barcelona line 6 Muntaner metro station

Each of Barcelona metro stops having its particularity, depending on what you can find there, locate the Barcelona Muntaner metro station on our map and get an idea of what you will discover, where you will get off.

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