Barcelona Avinguda Tibidabo metro

Barcelona Avinguda Tibidabo metro line 7 station
barcelona avinguda tibidabo metro

Avinguda Tibidabo metro stop

Avinguda Tibidabo metro, last line 7 stop, leads you to the blue tram, which takes you to the foot of the funicular, which takes you to the foot of the Tibidabo.

  •  Disabled access  Lifts
  • Connection with metro : none
  • Connection with tramway : blue tramway
  • train : none
  • Next station : none
  • Previous metro station : El Putxet

From Barcelona Avinguda Tibidabo metro stop

barcelona cosmocaixa

Cosmocaixa Barcelona

With its tropical forest in the heart of Barcelona and all its interactive activities, the Cosmocaixa is a science museum, an aquarium, a terrarium, but above all an essential cultural visit for the whole family.

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barcelona blue tram

Blue Tram (out of order)

First step to access the Tibidabo

Well known for its originality, Barcelona's blue tramway (tramvia blau in Catalan) is the first connection that will help you cross the 1,250 metres of steeply sloping ground between the Avenida Tibidabo the metro station and the funicular station.

barcelona tibidabo funicular

Tibidabo funicular

Funicular of Tibidabo last stage to reach the amusement park

Last straight line to the top of Barcelona's highest point, at an altitude of 512 metres, which takes you straight to the foot of Barcelona's amusement park, the Tibidabo.

parque de la Ciutadella deBarcelona

Tibidabo Barcelona

Open since 1899, Tibidabo is the oldest amusement park in Spain. Built on a mountainside on 6 levels, The Tibidabo offers, in addition to its attractions for the whole family, exceptional views of Barcelona.

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barcelona font del raco park

Font del Raco park

The Font del Raco park, which lies at the foot of the funicular and climbs up to the Tibidabo amusement park, is a natural park that offers magnificent views of Barcelona as well as good walks down to the blue tramway.

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Barcelona Avinguda Tibidabo metro stop
Barcelona Avinguda Tibidabo metro stop Barcelona line 7 Avinguda Tibidabo metro station

Each of Barcelona metro stops having its particularity, depending on what you can find there, locate the Barcelona Avinguda Tibidabo metro station on our map and get an idea of what you will discover, where you will get off.

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