Barcelona Tibidabo amusement park

Perched at an altitude of 500 metres on one of the highest points of the Collserola mountain range, Tibidabo is the oldest amusement park in Spain.
Open since 1899, the 6 levels of Tibidabo share 70,000 m2 of mountainside space where attractions of all kinds and exceptional panoramic views of Barcelona take part in the entertainment.

Barcelone Tibidabo parc
Barcelone parc d'attractions
parc d'attractions Barcelone

The Barcelona attraction park

From the pirate boat to the Russian mountains, from a 4D cinema to the flying chairs, without forgetting the paddle cars, the little train, the Ferris wheel and the suspended plane (symbolic of the park), Tibidabo offers attractions for young and old alike.

Portaventura parc Espagne

Short visit to Tibidabo

Niveau 1 du parc Tibidabo Barcelone

Tibidabo 1st floor

Access to Tibidabo from the car parks is on level 1. At this level we find a multitude of attractions for the big ones such as the Russian mountains, the pirate ship or the Hurakan, as well as many rides for the smaller ones such as Els globus (the balloons), La granota (the frog), Viking or Tchu tchu tren. On the same level are the food and drinks points to take a break between 2 attractions.

Barcelona tibidabo niveau 2

2nd level of Tibidabo

The second level of the park is composed of only 4 elements including a 4 D cinema. On the one hand, there is the Diavolo, one of the main attractions at Tibidabo, the classic flying chair ride, and on the other hand, 2 attractions for the little ones.
The Camas elásticas, trampoline games, and the Alaska, small circuit on the water among the penguins.

Barcelone Tibidabo parc niveau 3

Tibidabo 3rd level

Nothing to see, this level of the park is reserved for the technical service of Tibidabo and is therefore closed to the public.

parc d'attractions Tibidabo niveau 4

4th floor of Tibidabo

Terror and action, the fourth level of the park contains bumper cars for the little ones (the Zoochok) and for the older ones (the Crash Cars), as well as another of the flagship attractions of the tibidabo, the Hotel Krüeger, an abandoned hotel like no other.

Tibidabo Barcelone niveau 5

Tibidabo 5th level

On the penultimate floor of the park there are more educational attractions such as the space created by Lego to play and learn, as well as the automaton museum.
There is also the classic Hall of Mirrors, an equivalent of the ghost train in the world of witchcraft, and the puppet theatre.

sixième étage du parc Tibidabo Barcelone
Portaventura parc Espagne

6th level of Tibidabo

Here we are on the roof of Tibidabo, the level that undoubtedly contains the most activities in the park.
On level 6, the main attractions include the airplane, the Ferris wheel and the Atalaya.
For the little ones, the Pony rodeo, the Rio Grande, the spinning cups and the unavoidable Caroussel lead the atmosphere.
The 6th level also contains 7 food points, a picnic area and souvenir shops.
Level 6 is the entrance to Tibidabo via the funicular and the bus.

barcelone tibidabo
Avion du parc Tibidabo Barcelone
Barcelone tibidabo photos
parc attractions Barcelone
attractions Tibidabo Barcelone
Barcelone Tibidabo attractions


diavolo tibidabo Barcelone


Open your arms, close your eyes and let yourself fly over the peaks that dominate Barcelona.
The attraction of Tibidabo's flying chairs, the Diavolo, which spins and spins and spins again, offers exceptional sensations.

Access to this attraction is allowed from 110 cm for accompanied children, and 120 cm unaccompanied.

barcelone tibidabo attraction
barcelone tibidabo diavolo
grande roue Barcelone tibidabo

Giradabo The Tibidabo Ferris Wheel

The most classic but unmissable attraction of all fairgrounds and amusement parks, the Ferris wheel on the highest point of the park brings you closer to the clouds to enjoy an overview of Tibidabo as well as a unique panoramic view of Barcelona.

This attraction is accessible from 130 cm or 90 cm for accompanied children.

tibidabo barcelone giradabo
barcelone tibidabo attraction
Barcelone Tibidabo Hurakan


Located on the first level of the park, as soon as you enter, the hurakan is the attraction that lifts you up and makes you turn 360° to give you the unique opportunity to admire the city of Barcelona upside down.

This attraction reserved for older children is only accessible from 140 cm, and inaccessible to those over 195 cm.

barcelone tibidabo attraction hurakan
tibidabo Barcelone hurakan
attraction tibidabo piratta

Piratta Tibidabo pirate ship

The park's pirate ship, a well-known attraction that makes you discover magical landscapes by swinging up to almost 180°.
Hang on and enjoy the view.

This attraction is accessible from 120 cm and 100 cm for accompanied children.

tibidabo attraction piratta
attraction bateau pirate tibidabo
barcelone tibidabo muntanya russa

Muntanya Russa

A Russian mountain like no other because this one sends you at 80 km/h at 500 meters above sea level to find yourself after a walk in the woods of the park, facing an incomparable panoramic view of Barcelona.

Access to this attraction is allowed from 130 cm, and 120 cm for accompanied children.

barcelone tibidabo montagnes russes
muntanya russa tibidabo
barcelone tibidabo talaia


The Atalaya, which means watchtower or mirador, is one of the oldest attractions in Tibidabo. Its gondola, which rises up to 550 metres above sea level, takes you to the highest point of the park from where the panoramic views of Barcelona are breathtaking.

This attraction is accessible to people over 120 cm or 80 cm with a companion.

barcelone tibidabo la atalaya
talaia tibidabo Barcelone
tibidabo attraction mine d'or

Mina d'Or aquatic attraction of Tibidabo

Ideal for hot days, the Mina d'Or is the attraction where boats made out of wooden trunks lead you straight to the waterfall that will refresh you.

Attraction allowed to over 130 cm and 110 accompanied.

Barcelone tibidabo la mina d'or
mina d'or tibidabo

How to get to Tibidabo

Comment aller au Tibidabo en métro

Metro + bus + funicular

  Take metro line 7 to Avinguda Tibidabo station.
  Get on the 196 bus, which will take you to the funicular. .
  Let the funicular do the rest up to the doors of the Tibidabo.

Comment aller au Tibidabo en bus

Tibi bus

  metro lines 1, 3, 6 and 7, trains or bus, Take the means of transport that is most convenient for you to get to Plaça Catalunya first.
  Then look for the Tibi bus, the bus that will take you to the Tibidabo amusement park.

Comment aller au parc Tibidabo en voiture

Road access to Tibidabo

You can also reach Tibidabo by car by following the signs and take advantage of the parking service to be sure to find a place once you get there.
GPS coordinates X: 2.11871253020791 Y: 41.4217171024041

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barcelona tibidabo amusement park
Tibidabo Barcelona Barcelona amusement park

Tibidabo, Barcelona's amusement park where rides, shows, entertainment and restaurants share the six green levels and their exceptional panoramic views of Barcelona, which you will have the opportunity to discover from the highest point of the city.

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