Barcelona Gracia metro station

Barcelona Gracia metro line 6 station - How to get to Barcelona Gracia neighbourhood
barcelona gracia metro station

Barcelona Gracia metro

The Gracia station on line 6 of the Barcelona metro, which leads to the Gracia district, is located between the Provença stop and Sant Gervasi station.

  •  Disabled access  Lifts
  • Connection with metro : line L7.
  • Connection with tramway : none
  • Connection with train : none
  • Next station : metro Sant Gervasi
  • Previous metro station : Provença

From Barcelona Gracia subway station :

barrio gracia district

District of Gracia

What was once a beautiful little village on the outskirts of Barcelona connected to the city by the Passeig de Gracia, Gracia is nowadays one of the most visited districts of Barcelona, very famous for its festivities, the atmosphere, as well as the Guell Park located on the heights of Gracia.

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Barcelona Gracia metro stop
Barcelona Gracia metro stop Barcelona line 6 Gracia metro station

Each of Barcelona metro stops having its particularity, depending on what you can find there, locate the Barcelona Gracia metro station on our map and get an idea of what you will discover, where you will get off.

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