Barcelona Gracia Festival

Every year, from 15 to 21 August, the streets of the Gracia district are dressed up to make way for the creative imagination of the inhabitants. With a maximum of recycled material, residents and shopkeepers of the alleys of Gracia will choose a theme to metamorphose their daily living space into a movie set, on the occasion of Gracia's festivities.

barcelone fetes de gracia
Fêtes de Gracia Barcelona
Barcelone Gracia festival

The festival atmosphere of Gracia

Day and night, on the occasion of the traditions of the district, Gracia becomes a place of contemplation, exhibition, and festivities where thousands of people come to stroll around Gracia to the rhythm of the different concerts that add to the atmosphere of the event.

Barcelone Fetes Gracia

Gracia neighbourhood 2008 festivals

Barcelone fêtes Gracia 2008
Barcelone fetes de Gracia 2008
fêtes du quartier de Gracia Barcelone
barcelone fetes gracia
fête major de Gracia

Barcelona Gràcia festa major 2013

Barcelone Gracia

2015 Barcelona Gracia quarter festival

Fête de Gracia Barcelone
barcelone fetes gracia
Féstival Gracia Barcelone
fetes Gracia Barcelona
Barcelona fêtes de Gracia

Barcelona festival of Gràcia 2016

Barcelone Gracia festival
fetes de gracia barcelone
barcelona fetes de gracia
fetes Barcelone Gracia
fetes barcelone quartier gracia
Barcelone festival gracia photos
fetes de gracia
Gracia féstival Barcelone
Barcelone fetees de Gracia
Barcelona Gràcia festival Festa Major in the Gracià district of Barcelona

Throughout the year, Barcelona lives exceptional moments on the occasion of great celebrations such as the Shrove Tuesday Carnival, the unmissable Sant Joan's Day with its fireworks and many others, including the Gracia festivities, where an entire district is transformed during a week of festivities.

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