Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro station

Plaça de Sants station on Barcelona metro line 1

Barcelona Plaça de Sants stop

The Sants district, all the charm of a village just a few hundred meters from Montjuic, is accessible by the Plaça de Sants subway.

  • Connection with metro : líne L5.
  • Connection with tramway : none
  • Connection with train : none
  • Next station : metro Hostafrancs
  • Previous metro station : Mercat Nou

From Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro station :

Barcelona Espanya Industrial park

Barcelona Espanya Industrial park

Built in 1985 on the foundations of a textile factory, the architect Luis Peña Ganchegi represented water, earth and fire around the chimneys of the old factory. The Espanya Industrial Park groups together a wide variety of bird species around an artificial lake.

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Barcelona rambla de sants garden

Rambla de Sants Garden

A very large promenade stretching from the Santa Eulalia metro station to the Plaça de Sants where sports facilities and children's attractions accompany the walk in the heart of the Sants district.

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Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro stop
Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro stop Barcelona line 1 Plaça de Sants metro station

Each of Barcelona metro stops having its particularity, depending on what you can find there, locate the Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro station on our map and get an idea of what you will discover, where you will get off.

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