Barcelona Mercabarna metro station

Barcelona Mercabarna metro line 9 station - How to get to Mercabarna by metro ?
Barcelona metro Mercabarna

Barcelona Mercabarna station

The Barcelona Mercabarna line 9 south underground station provides access to Mercabarna, the most important central market in Europe.

  •  Disabled access  Lifts
  • Connection with metro : none
  • Connection with tramway : none
  • Connection with train : none
  • Next station : metro Parc Logistic
  • Previous metro station : Les Moreres

From Mercabarna metro station:


Mercabarna Barcelona

With over 2 million tonnes of fresh produce distributed each year (fruit, vegetables, fish, seafood, meat, flowers), and over 700 companies grouped together around the clock, Mercabarna is today considered the most important central market in Europe.

Located in the Zona Franca, a few kilometres from the port, airport and centre of Barcelona, Mercabarna market enjoys a strategic geographical position for importing and exporting merchandise throughout Spain and in many countries around the world. Mercabarna is the reference centre in the Mediterranean for the distribution of fresh produce at international level.

Barcelona Mercabarna metro stop
Barcelona Mercabarna metro stop Barcelona line 9 Mercabarna metro station

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