Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro

Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro line 5 station
barcelona plaça de sants metro station

Plaça de Sants metro station

A stone's throw from Barcelona's Sants station, the Plaça de Sants metro stop takes you to the neighbourhood of the same name.

  • Connection with metro : line L1.
  • Connection with tramway : none
  • Connection with train : none
  • Next station : metro Sants Estacio
  • Previous metro station : Badal

From Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro stop :

Barcelona parque Espanya Industrial

Barcelona Espanya Industrial park

Built in 1985 on the foundations of a textile factory, the architect Luis Peña Ganchegi represented water, earth and fire around the chimneys of the old factory. The Espanya Industrial Park groups together a wide variety of bird species around an artificial lake.

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Barcelona jardin Rambla de Sants

Rambla de Sants Garden

A very large promenade stretching from the Santa Eulalia metro station to the Plaça de Sants where sports facilities and children's attractions accompany the walk in the heart of the Sants district.

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Aquarium de Barcelona

Barcelona aquarium

The hundreds of species that share the Barcelona Aquarium take you to the depths of a world as magical as it is mysterious.
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Montjuic cable car

Barcelona Montjuic cable railway

From Montjuic Park to the Barceloneta district and its beaches, via the port of Barcelona, the cable car offers a tour of Barcelona from the sky.
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FC Barcelona stadium

Barcelona Barça Camp Nou stadium

With more than 99,000 seats, the FC Barcelona Stadium is one of the largest stadiums in Europe. Come and experience the Camp Nou atmosphere.
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metro Barcelona Plaça de Sants
Barcelona Plaça de Sants metro stop Barcelona line 5 Plaça de Sants metro station

Welcome to the Sants district - Just ten minutes from the centre of Barcelona, and a few hundred metres from Plaza España and other unmissable monuments on Montjuic, the Sants district has all the charm of a village in Barcelona.

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