Alfons el Magnànim Barcelona tramway station

Alfons el Magnànim tram stop

Located in the Sant Marti district of Barcelona, the Alfons el Magnànim tram station connects the T5 and T6 lines of the Trambesòs tram network.

  • Disabled access
  • Tramways connection : T5 - T6
  • Connection with metro : None
  • Other transport links : None
  • Next tram station : Parc del Besòs
  • Previous tram stop : Besos

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tram Alfons el Magnànim Barcelona stop
Barcelona Alfons el Magnànim tram station Barcelona Alfons el Magnànim Lines T5 - T6 tram stop

All Barcelona tram stops do not have the same characteristics and specificities, get an idea right now of what you'll find at the Barcelona Alfons el Magnànim tramway station.

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