line T5 tramway Barcelona

Barcelona tram line T5 Barcelona Plaça de les Glòries - Estació de Gorg Badalona

From Glòries station (Barcelona) to Gorg stop (Badalona), the Barcelona tram line 5 consists of 13 stations ; this line is connected with the Barcelona metro lines L1, L2, L4 and L10.
  • 1
  • Glòries

    Metro connection L1
    Connection tram T4 - T6
    Access to Encants Flea market
    Access to Museum of Design

  • 2
  • La Farinera

    Connection tram T6
    Access to Glories shopping centre
    Access to Agbar tower
    Access to plaza de les Glòries

  • 3
  • Can Jaumandreu

    Connection tram T6
    Access to parc del Clot

  • 4
  • Espronceda

    Connection tram T6

  • 5
  • Sant Marti de Provençals

    Connection Tram T6

  • 6
  • Besòs

    Connection tram T6
    Metro connection L4

  • 7
  • Alfons el Magnànim

    Connection tram T6

  • 8
  • Parc del Besòs

    Connection tram T6

  • 9
  • La Catalana

    No cornection
    Access to Besos

  • 10
  • Sant Joan Baptista

    No cornection

  • 11
  • Encants de Sant Adrià

    No cornection

  • 12
  • Sant Roc

    Metro connection L2

  • 13
  • Gorg

    Metro connection L2, L10

Other Barcelona tram network lines

tram T5 Barcelona

By tram line T5

With the Barcelona tram line 5 you have the possibility to go out to "Glories" to do some shopping in the commercial centre of Les Glories, or to admire the Agbar tower.

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On the path of the Barcelona tram line T5 :

Barcelona torre Agbar

Barcelona Agbar tower

Designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, the 145-metre-high Agbar Tower, a Barcelona skyscraper entirely covered by a glass façade located at the foot of Les Glories Square, offers magnificent plays of light at night.

  Barcelona Agbar tower

Barcelona Clot parc

Barcelona Clot Park

With its ping pong tables, pétanque and basketball area, Basque pelota court, green areas and small lake, Clot Park is a large multi-purpose area. Big, small, dogs and sports enthusiasts, Parc del Clot has areas for everyone.
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barcelona flea-market encants

Encants Barcelona

Encants, the Barcelona Flea Market, about 500 traders and professionals who share the annimation of the 5 floors of the oldest market in Europe, which is spread over an area of about 33300 m2.

  Carrer de los Castillejos, 158, 08013 Barcelona

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Barcelona tram line 5 line 5 of the Barcelona tramway network

The thirteen stations, which connect with the L1, L2, L4 and L10 metro lines, and which run from Plaza de las Glorias Catalanas to the city of Badalona (Gorg), provide access to the Clot Park or Plaza de las Glorias and its attractions, among others.

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