where to eat mexican food

Barcelona mexican restaurants

Quesadillas, burritos, guacamole and tacos ; from braised pork to mature meat accompanied by peanut, chorizo, melted or hot cheese sauces, discover the few restaurant addresses that share all the flavors of Mexican cuisine in Barcelona.

restaurante mexicano Barcelona Tlaxcal

Mexican Restaurant Tlaxcal

Copious, excellent, tasty and above all authentic, the Mexican restaurant Tlaxcal, located a few steps from Ciutadella Park, serves the culinary traditions of Mexico in a very pleasant atmosphere.
Calle Comerç, 27 - Metro jaume 1

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restaurante mexicano Barcelona Tlaxcal

Rosa del Raval Restaurant

Very good reception, fashionable decoration, very positive quantity, quality and price, and Mexican recipes to suck your fingers (burritos, fajitas, quesadillas).

Calle Angels, 6 - Metro Liceu

restaurante mexicano Barcelona cantina machito

La Cantina Machito Restaurant

Served in the decoration of a traditional Mexican hacienda, Cantina Machito's dishes respect the authenticity of the country's recipes.

Calle Torrijos 47B, 08012 Barcelona

Barcelona mexican restaurants
where to eat mexican in Barcelona
barcelona tlaxcal mexican restaurant
Barcelona mexican food

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Tibidabo Barcelona

Open since 1899, Tibidabo is the oldest amusement park in Spain. Built on a mountainside on 6 levels, The Tibidabo offers, in addition to its attractions for the whole family, exceptional views of Barcelona.

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Barcelona Rambla

Meeting point between Plaça Catalunya and Port Vell, the Rambla de Barcelona (Las Ramblas) represents the 2 kilometres of the city's busiest pedestrian avenues, where artists, painters and musicians give the greatest satisfaction to tourists.

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Barcelona mexican restaurant
Barcelona mexican restaurants Where to eat Mexican food in Barcelona

Looking for a good table, an excellent restaurant where to eat Mexican food in Barcelona, fajitas, quesadillas, tacos or chile con carne, discover our suggestions among the best Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, where we wish you a good appetite.

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